Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's a hoot.

I felt guilty about finding this funny until I realized that their complaint actually produces its own levity,

and it makes me puke a little.

High Plain Writers: The Conservative Arts Renaissance. There's five of them, I think. But how's this for an author's photograph, Jim? (Thanks for the head's up, Laura.)

dusters1, originally uploaded by stroszek.


Laura Carter said...

o gary now i feel bad

i kind of like garth brooks

for what it's worth

but not as much as lucinda williams

Laura Carter said...

then again the site says they dont mind (and maybe welcome?) "postmodern snipers"

you are the new condy rice of foetry, and i think you will find that in the "laura carter" folder there

Jake Adam York said...

I like "fruited plain."

Anonymous said...

These guys have been around since 1995 - they had a pirate theme then. I really preferred the pirate theme.

You know their backstory? I think it's in there; years ago they had workshops w/ JC Oates and Toni Morrison (? - I think) at Princeton, who allegedly told them their sonnets about the "glories of science" were immature and they might be better off taking a lower-level workshop. So they (naturally) took it as an ugly manifestation of some Jewish-liberal conspiracy to turn "Prin$eton" into a money-laundering scheme. And, uh, something about irrationalists. I dunno. They're really into Shakespeare.

Jason (1st-time commenter)