Tuesday, February 15, 2005

in media res

what does that mean anyway?

Ernesto's post reminds me of Pessoa's pessimism that points to production--to writing.

Writing is letting go, less
doing what I can than
choosing what we can
do or what can be done
about it. Not it cannot
be written but it must


The concrete order--
spontaneous, self-generating,
or plotless without origin:
the object;
where it is from, going to,
or driven--
reproduced and uncovered--
consequently limited to be
written about cannot be
written about

but is the writing itself.

The limit is a mechanism that makes writing more complex
The prohibition, cause.

I like Ernesto's honesty:

"...still, it is being
written: I cannot write...."

I like still. And then he writes what is there to be written.
In spite of.
The lack, maybe The return.
The repressed. The in media res extended.

Nulla dies sine linea:
a prohibition with
something to say.

In addition to
not being able to
is all of this in spite of myself.


Inland, Dreaming said...

Means "in the middle of things," as in begin your story in the middle of the action.

Gary Norris said...

--silly, i know my latin. the question is of consequence not of definition. what does it mean to be in the middle of things. certainly, it is not simply "beginning in the middle" because that is a structured beginning not an in media res.

before trying to show folks what you know, make sure you aren't showing them what you don't know about yourself.