Sunday, April 24, 2005

technical question

anybody know a convenient method to retrieve or download archived posts from blogger?

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Those Dagzine readers making their way to Denver, to the program at DU...let's talk about getting you in front of the mic at the reading series. Might be an enjoyable way to introduce you to Denver and to some of the writers.

The dept organizes a reading in the Fall Quarter for the students, but why keep your work to such a small group?

----btw, I have lived here for a grip. Need help getting around, have questions, or simply want something to do once you get here? Let me know.

Burn Out Reading Series

Fourth night for the new series went well.

I am looking for readers. Doesn't matter where you live.

Coming through Denver? --drop a few lines--send me a note.

Thanks for those who have participated so far.


...For future reference...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Alan Cordle & Co: off Artist's roll call for life.

Now that everybody knows who is running Foetry, Alan Cordle's spin is that he decided to come back and reveal himself and proudly run the site in the face of all the criticism? Huh?

I remember how he loved the press when they wrote tastey morsels praising Foetry's anonymous & crass criticism of the poet elite; now that they uncover the dirt on him and those closest to him, he has a problem with the press. What a child.

Cordle will set things right again. Far right.

What I like about the new Foetry page is that Cordle's "blog roll" contains the handful of idiots who support his cause. So, now that he has been outed, he is outing all his anonymous supporters. Alan Cordle is the Tom Hanks of Foetry. This helps us--all of us foets. (Oh, and Cordle tells himself on his own website that he missed himself: "Foetry! We missed you." Who missed you?)

I say we find anti-foets and exterminate each of them in a mass satyrical festival.

We could make this fun: for them and for us.

Something like the wonderfully sublime scene in Soylent Green in which E G Robinson is euthanized to his suiting. (Sol, overwhelmed with what humanity had become at the hands of the anti-foets had the courage to let life go. I mean, when you learn that Soylent Green is people, and that anti-foets are cannibals, it's a lot to take. You all sympathize, right?) Hopefully, we will end the scene without Charlton Heston coming in to ham it up.

No Heston.

Well, We could put him out of his misery, too, come to think of it. So, invite Heston. He can bring his gun and shakey old-man hands, and I am positive the anti-foets are all Heston fans anyway. What with all their gusto for the good life, the fair life, the American way.

For the mean culture of life...uh...misery-ending...their just isn't a nice word for it. For the execution: for the anti-foets: we will offer them a long walk into a formal room, a promenade, a march, Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance, we'll have them in robes, we'll present them with $500,000 Grants, National Book Awards, Janet Holmes begging for forgiveness, Jorie Graham burnt at the stake, they'll see chapbooks with new flashy graphic designs, all true-bound and expensive paper, each with their names on them, not limited editions either, and The New York Times will get their story straight,

and slowly we will chemically squeeze the life out of each of their petty, pitiful, raisined hearts with invisible gamma-foet-rays.

I volunteer to light the fire to burn their bodies

and we will flush their ashes down public toilets
in anonymous prairie-town Greyhound Stations.

We will count out meter--a new prosody--in
multiple flushes, map new stresses,


Somebody, maybe Michael Peirson, will write a poem about

Brendan Fraser
Alan Cordle
A Gloryhole
A slow whine
And a wrinkled expired one-way ticket to NYC.

Welcome back Cordle; you are officially off the artist's roll call for life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

looking forward

...about two weeks away from being ABD'd...released to write my diss...i need it...

looking backward

Cardinals offer the evolving catholic community the back of their hands by electing Ratzinger as new pope; and he takes the name Benedict. Ironic? Or, simply sad?

Certainly, his chosen name is significant. It puts distance between him and the last pope. Say what you will about John Paul II. He was a bit of a phenomenologist. Read his engaging Faith and Reason.

This pope will find nifty intellectual arguments that further objectify human life and encase the institution of the Church in a tradition that is already passed. Rather than finding a place for discussion of faith and reason, focus on the conjunction and; he will work on promoting competition. His message is likely to be about making a choice: choose faith or reason. He will issue demands rather than promote discussion.

And what does the choice of a European say to the millions of Catholics who support the Church, millions of non-Europeans, non-Anglos, without which the Church would cease to be effective? What does a German who looks back to the Middle Ages for enlightenment have to offer his community?

This is so very Rome. Somebody should remind this guy that objective truth cannot be realized within human institutions; certainly not through intellectual discussions meant to reaffirm orthodoxy. Of course, a strict dependence on orthodoxy doesn't do much for the cultivation of life based in faith.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I am back

Oh what a trip...good conferences...great art in I am so far behind in my real work that I am having major anxiety issues...and this drives everybody nuts...because I am a baby...I share pain...Very selfish...insane...etc...etc.

Until I get caught up, here's something to keep you busy:

Time-Consuming Boring Spectacle in Artistic Space & Dialectical Materialism is Sexually Gratified Women in North Korea

A whole she-bang of situations without the pay-off: this is sort of like a funny Godard at his best but in html.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quiet in here

Dagzine will be relatively quiet while I am at conferences...4/2-4/10. If I have time I'll post. Most of my Internet time I am going to donate to my students.

Are you at or going to CEA or SSNL conferences in Indianapolis and Louisville? Let me know. We'll chat.

I'm presenting a paper on Mary Robinson and garreting as poetic practice ("Thou Canst Command Thy Subjects") this afternoon at the CEA Conference and next week a paper on Spike Lee's Bamboozled ("The Radical Satirical Black Body: Blacking-up White Narrative in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled") at the Narrative Conference in Louisville.

I'll be in Cincinnati Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (4/4-6).

As I said, email me if you're around and want to chat.