Sunday, February 27, 2005


Wonderful weekend. I am close to finishing the call for submissions for the first volume in a series of chapbooks I want to publish while writing my dissertation. (And I do hope you'll all send my subs.) What should happen Saturday afternoon? Talking with the GM at the venue I dj for on Thursday nights about ways to fill the place betwee 9:30 and midnight, I take a chance and suggest a reading series to open each night. Since I dj from a loft above the bar and restaurant floor that holds about thirty to fifty folks, I said it'd be a great way to begin the night--would serve the writing community, the business, and get a good jump on a Thursday night filled with great mod, R&B, and punk. Nevermind that I have wanted to get a reading series that isn't an open mic going for some time, I just offered up the idea...and he liked it...and he'll buy most of the equipment we need to get it done...and he wants it started yesterday...

So, this is a heads-up for locals and other interested writers and readers: Beginning Thursday, March 10 at 9:30, a weekly reading series will launch at the Red Room in Denver.

Burn Denver Down Presents
The Weekly Burn Out Reading Series & Freakbeat Dance Party
Hosted by DJ6d8 and Mint Chip

Thursday Nights, 9:30 sharp
At The Red Room
320 E Colfax Ave, Denver

Poetry, Prose, & Pop:
A Freakbeat Soundtrack in 4/4 time.

I am super-excited to be able to coax writers out of their hiding places and into the spotlight each week. I plan on contacting folks for the first season shortly.

Want on the Burn Denver Down mailing list?--receive the schedule and news about special events and guests in your mailbox. Also, receive news from, for, and about Burn Denver Down Press. Send me an email from the address you would like subscribed. Even if you live east or west, north or south of Denver. Sign-up. Maybe you'll get out here and we can begin that reciprocal reading series I mentioned last year.

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