Sunday, February 27, 2005

Burn Out Reading Series Flyer, No2

This is the general, large (8x10) flyer I'll paste to Denver poles and hang in shops. Once I get a schedule together for the first month or two of readers (later this week,) I'll post the event fliers. I should have the reading series web page completed by then as well. Of course, I'm posting these here to see what they look like and to receive any advice before I visit the printers on Wednesday. Feel free to critique or advise.



Ernesto said...

Really cool flyers. Did you design them yourself?

Gary Norris said...

Well, I detourned them...You know, The first is from the Bill Evans & Jim Hall Undercurrent lp. This one is a photo from an old fashion layout; I don't know where. I gleaned the image from the Internet a couple of years ago. The third one is from a Situationist International cartoon strip criticizing culture as the ideal commodity.

So, I designed them in that I had to erase much of what was there and reconstruct the color, and then layer the text into the image with Photoshop. I taught myself the program, so my skills are a bit limited.

Thanks for the compliment, E...g

dooflow said...

this looks great!