Tuesday, February 15, 2005

jazz investigations

somebody emailed me about jazz last week; and I didn't respond; lost the email address; have forgotten who left the comment.

I have a cd phobia. W/o itunes we'd be turntable limited. Recently, we purchased a few cds...our faves are The Great Jazz Trio's Someday My Prince Will Come and Joe Lovano's I'm all for you. Django receives a lot of play.

As for the records; here is what we have been playing lately:
Archie Shepp (esp, For Losers and Consequences-w/ Bill Dixon)
Grant Green (esp, Iron City-w/John Patton and Bill Dixon)
Charles Mingus (my hero)
John Coltrane (esp, Lush Life, Bahia, Sun Ship)
Marian McPartland (esp, Plays the Music of Leonard Bernstein, Bossa Nova+Soul, Interplay)
Errol Garner (late fifties, Plays Misty era)
Paul Desmond (Take Ten)
Bill Evans (esp, Undercurrent-w/ Jim Hall-we like Jim Hall's recordings with Paul Desmond, too)
Modern Jazz Quartet (esp, At Music Inn w/ Sonny Rollins, Lonely Woman, Blues on Bach)
Toshiko Akiyoshi (early stuff w/ her trio, Insights, Dedications)

If I were to go home now, I would throw on Eric Dolphy or Monk.

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Gary Norris said...

Well, getz is a must...although one of those artists i can live with and without all at once. certain work is wonderful--suits my taste, i suppose--other work i cannot listen to...

thelonius monk...