Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Burn Denver Down Press

I have attempted twice to bring Burn Denver Down into existence. I was never ready to take the plunge. Wasn't dedicated enough or just not sure of myself, possibly less foolish than I am now. Who knows?

Well, here it is. Burn Denver Down Press is born. You are welcome to check out the site I am constructing for its announcements.

I have gathered a few colleagues together to work on the first chapbook, and I am presently working on a call for submissions.

I wanted to share, because I get excited about this kind of thing. I probably won't sleep for a week--coming to terms with the work and the weight of it. To get it done, and done right.


Thin Black Duke said...

Well congrats, Gary. I have no doubt that you'll do it right.

Jay said...

Congratulations, Gary, on taking the leap!