Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Whatever happened to?

I am working with students, teaching until 8, and suffering horribly the time lost to reply to Jake and welcome Josh's input and hold the Foetry folk at bay.

And I hear in that way-back corner of my head, "I've got a job to do, and I do it well." See, Catherine got Chicago stuck in there this morning...ugh. And I have been unconsciously shuffling tunes to filter out that awful "you're the inspiration" song. And here it comes again, blocking out that harmful horn-section, a heavy bass thumping and grunging guitar and cymbal crash, a raspy voice:

"I've got a job to do..." I's


only Killdozer the best Wisconsin band ever. Their song "Richard" from Twelve-Point Buck. "...some people call me Lucifer...some people call me name is Richard, and you can call me Dick!"

We miss you Killdozer.
---sometimes I feel like a motherless child that needs a bottle of beer.---


Gary Norris said...

Josh, doesn't Richard look like Merwin (as pictured in the link to Richard above)?

Richard even has the same slouch.

[Come on Greenfield, what gives?]

Brennen Wysong said...
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Brennen Wysong said...

Oh, the days of paying homage to Flannery O'Connor and waxing poetic on what it means to be a hamburger martyr...

Gary Norris said...

Knukles the Dog, rip