Monday, March 28, 2005

Something wonderful happened today

Colorado Supreme Court successfully interprets the law, the constitution:

Lisl Auman was convicted for the 1997 murder of Officer Bruce VanderJagt, even though she was handcuffed and in a police car when the crime happened. The man who shot the officer, Matthaeus Jaehnig, committed suicide moments after he killed VanderJagt.

The CO Supreme Court overturned that conviction. Andrea is quite pleased; she is a public defender here (go public defenders) and her boss defended Auman. It's too bad Hunter Thompson isn't around to see this opinion. He was a visible presence during Auman's trial; he would have smiled.

Andrea's boss also argued and won another very important case: Robert Harlan was sentenced to death in 1995 after his jury consulted the bible during the penalty phase for his murder trial. His sentece was commuted to life by the District Court and the State appealed. The CO Supreme Court upheld the District Court's decision. Harlan will not be executed.

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Greg said...

I read Thompson's article on this. He ripped the Denver PD a new one. Great news.

anisettav said...

Do you by any chance know of a link to Thompson's article about this? Or where I could find it?