Saturday, March 05, 2005


I haven't bought books in awhile. Thanks to Jordan I won't buy anything for awhile. Great sale at Labyrinth--already one of my favorite online destinations. I think I order 20 books.

Picked up some wonderful essays on Heidegger and Hegel. Over a dozen books of poetry. And some art & cultural theory. Check it out.

Now that I'm broke, I think I''ll put on Martin Denny's Quiet Village and read a little.

I just picked my scooter up from the shop. I have a 150cc Stella, mint green. I had them put a better pipe on it--20% or more power. It sounds awesome. It rides fast. Get up to 30 in second gear. The thing moves now. I rode around Denver, today, absolutely mad with energy, giggling the whole time. Drivers probably thought I was going to lose it.

I am scooter addicted. It is, I think it's safe to say, a wonderful sickness.

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