Friday, March 04, 2005


What poetry isn't (metrical)?


What meter is not based on a count of recurring features of language?


What purpose does it serve to call Poem A metrical and other Poems non-metrical?


Michael Snider said...

Gary, I've given answers here.

dooflow said...

boy, someone's manic? Listen to JEsus Lizard's "Boilermaker." Fits.

Jake Adam York said...
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Jake Adam York said...

You're picking a fight with someone, right?

I'd say: none, none, and historical or polemical.

But you knew that already.

Laura Carter said...

The people who make up these categories would call Poem B prose.

Gary Norris said...

M: David Yow would set some things straight--or just get drunk and naked. Who's fucking great, david yow's fucking great. And I was thinking "Blockbuster" but "Boilermaker" works.

J: Absolutely, I was picking a fight! You know me.

L: Amen.