Monday, March 14, 2005

a meaning less

heard the one about teeth falling out
the burning shed withstood the heat
neighbors sold two trucks in three days
four pennies between sofa cushions
heard the one about diapers on highways
the waxing moon ignored evening traffic
dogs chased two fox down two blocks
six bananas on top of one hard lime
heard the one about the glass house
the puffing truck received a second look
children shot three pellets in three seconds
five books in a grocery store bag
heard the one about they took my thumbs
the rising tide overcame the dike
babies pulled apart two plastic dolls
eight holes for one pair of laces
heard the one about a failure making the grade
the laughing teen mocked angry adults
states imprisoned thousands in one day
seven days in one redundant week
heard the one about the many becoming one
the turning car avoided a timid walker
planes sliced the one sky into at least fifty zones
one commodity for each and every exchange
heard the one about language

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