Wednesday, March 16, 2005

just so you know

tho I have a habit of being sharp,
I love you all.

I am just a bit of a punk, and
I feel comfortable sharing with you all what I think about.

If my posts recently have been particularly quick and critical,
it's only because I am concerned. I certainly don't feel correct.

Here's what's on my mind (intellect):
My brother is Marine; he is now in Iraq. I cannot comprehend this.
My education (institutionally) is coming to an end.
My students.
Gertrude Stein on Composition and Making Americans.
WCWilliams and wandering.
Heidegger (and Hegel, what I know) and thinking receding from its matter.
Wittgenstein and, well, Wittgenstein.
Debord on the Spectacle and The Everyday.
Revolution and Corners (finding a place from which to enter it).

And then there's what's on my mind (emotion):
I wouldn't become a Marine. I am not in Iraq. I am worried.
I want my work to get "out there."
I don't know anybody.
I want to understand phenomenology.
I want to use language not have it use me.
I figured out that it isn't ever new.
I can wander all I want but I need an invitation.
I want to be doing even if receding not be knowing even if only teaching.

Just two lists that work together, I think. A confession.

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Anonymous said...

Your sharpness shows thought although sometimes misunderstood.

Your thought shows caring. Your caring comes out in sharpness.