Sunday, September 05, 2004

Valery taught me the ears see and the mouth listens

I finished my first question around 11 last night. The Novel as Document.

Wrote on verisimilitude. Share later.
We're supposed to keep our answers to 3000 words. How to with at least ten works required?

Nietzsche & Versuchung

Today, Literatures of Illness. Not the best name for the list/test. I should have called it Documenting Private Experience. That should show you where I am headed today--from Wittgenstein to P.K. Dick.

Have lodged in the front of my head, 9 to 5. Brings back horrifying period in US cultural development. Ugly couches; heavy TVs with fake wood frames; HBO flourishes opening movies we've seen fifteen time this week; Beta; And apropos that moment/this pain: a mute scene in which three successful women look their worst, in poly biz suits and hairspray molds, and cock their heads unnaturally, bobble-headed: each cute in a way each weren't. The beginning of Reagan-era. Worst: the refrain repeating over and over; no doubt a result of the pop-song production technique of slowly fading out rather than ending with coda.

Keeps it going in the head

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