Saturday, September 25, 2004

intentions and conventions

I have to wrap my mind around the excellent exceptions to my preliminary ideas about the limits to knowing and inferring the thoughts of an other in my Sept.23 post on "Limits."

Jay Thomas handles my discussion from three perspectives and I will address each this weekend. I just finished teaching: on Saturday, it's two three-hour courses, one after the other.

I am always beat a bit after, and we had a wonderful department reading last night. I am really proud of my fellow writers this year. I think we have a great group at DU presently. Even those who are unsure of themselves, seem to show the potential to actually do something.

I read about bus rides, spider bites, bits of information, a broken pencil lead, a spinning black mark, sticking the broom handle into the fan while bending over to look under the bed, and my mother the vampire. Andrea says I touch my face too much while reading; considering I used to hold my hand over my mouth, I have improved. A classmates says it looks like I am eating my words. I am going to write about that probably.

Listening to the rain outside WC244.

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