Monday, September 13, 2004

I have to get back into the swing of things.

I feel like I am entering society for the first time. Feels strange.

I read all the wrong books. Ha!

Will begin posting daily again to Dagzine; I have some catching-up to do in blogworld. Here are my students' blogs for the Fall:
  • Falling into Culture : Should be regularly posting to this blog by the end of the week. We are reading Kafka's The Trial, Camus' The Fall, Bataille's Blue of Noon, and Baudelaire's Paris Spleen. Also a bit of cultural theory focused on the everyday and mass observation. They are reading Kafka first.
  • Comp : Examining American cultural and geographical landscapes. Reading Suburban Nation, Bomb the Suburbs, Magical Urbanism...the class is truly focused on becoming better researchers and writers; in other words, better critical readers and writers. I have chosen this topic to help focus our class into a discourse community.
Feel free to read along and post (useful) comments. They know the blogs are public spaces. I expect that the former will be more open to discussion than the latter. Those of you who teach first-year English classes will understand.

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