Tuesday, September 28, 2004

musical interludes

I am passionate about music, as many of you are I am sure. My tastes are eclectic at best. I have a record fetish. When I tended bar, I used to spend half my money--this is a lot of dough--on vinyl.

Lately, I have been listening to Satie. I can listen to the Ogives I-IV repeatedly. For cheap, you can get all the piano works, performed by Klara Koermendi.

I am going to begin dj-ing again; so I just bought new turntables--Andrea and I found a beautiful Denon turntable for the house, wood finish, colorful lights, quiet and clear projection. Wonderful stuff.

But I have been in my office since 6am grading essays and listening to the sludge-drenched chord progressions of Thrones. Any Melvins fans out there? Brutal with a sense of humor and intellect, and much less ironic than most fans and critics suggest.

Thrones Sperm Whale EP has a cover of the theme song from one of the worst/best Spaghetti Western series, Django. Campy. I had to share. Find it. Listen. Enjoy a laugh. The "EP" contains a 45minute opus "obolus" which is wonderful. And for you vinyl fans...this track (in edited form) is available on a wonderfully art-directed 12" from Kill Rock Stars. I am sure it was limited; mine is numbered. The sleeve is black construction paper and silkscreened rabbits with daggers. A must find. If you're interested, I'll send you more info.

But I had to share the Django cover with somebody. Nobody else around.

Now back to the drone...

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