Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A death list

corroded batteries, stacked, blind side, yellow house, Ridgefield


swimming pool, leaves, the drain down there

oblong, orange, styro floaties, bitter flakes, short grass

white rope knotted, covert tension

umbrella, table, patio, poison ivy beyond back gate

underoos, aquaman, spider man, nestle crunch, cousin

volkswagens, light blue and red, buzzing backseats, perforated fabric ceiling

Danbury News Times, rubber bands

beatle bowl cuts, aquanet, brothers

polyester pants, shirts with zippers

mom's room, white dressers

A mirror

Snored to sleep, wild animals, leftovers under incandescent front porch

mystic moths

roast beef, pimento olives, salted cucumbers

beginning of imagination, front yard performances

lawn darts, baseball cards

elusive uncle photographs, bills on bureau

st bernards' slobbered walks in woods

puritan past, ruins out back, walls not windows

New England stone fences

Danbury Fairgrounds (became a mall)

Buster Browns, Zips, yellow blue

green, concrete, tar, asphalt, a hill

Ice cream stand, lick one side Ridgefield the other Georgetown

Friendly shakes

intellectual mold

Danbury, Milford, Sanford, Ridgefield, Philadelphia, Tulsa, New London, Denver

Maps and Winnebago

Skis, anklebiters

language clothes more than thought

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