Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm hearing THINGS

Nevermind that Greg Perry doesn't like my reduction of Frost's aesthetics to a cultural critique (see below), I can understand that. However, I am pretty certain that if one hears a sound, then that sound has a source. In Frost's definition of the sentence and from what I gather from his ideas concerning the sound of sense (the intonations in voice that almost by themselves reveal the content of the sentence spoken, to cite Perry paraphrasing Frost), sound makes the content of the sentence known. Fine. I like that.

But when he moves to his definition for a new sentence, this idea is taken to an extreme that I don't like mainly because I find the reasoning circular.

A sentence is a sound in itself upon which other words may be hung. He implies that words should be hung properly, which I take as a worngheaded attack on an over-used and over-determined definition of vers libre. First of all, Perry (channeling Frost) seems to rely on a binary that is much too restrictive--formalism and free verse. Yuck! No way, man. Simply is not the distinction that existed neither then nor now.

oops...I am way too busy. Will Continue this Later...

By the way: Thank you Nick Piombino for supporting Dagzine; and Steve Evans, Tony Tost, Ernesto Priego, Greg Perry, Laura Carter, Jay Thomas, Alli Warren; all those who have recently mentioned DZ...thanks for continuing to read and share your thoughts...out the door.

did i mention that teaching five classes is enough to drive you mad?

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Laura Carter said...

5, Gary?

I taught 3 once & took 3, I think. Overflows in all of 'em. Caps out at about 27-28, usually.

I also taught 2 1/2-semester remedial/basic learning classes (which is about like teaching 4, for 7 weeks or so). Again, full.

I hear you (& I'm not teaching anymore, not until I move on to a different program).

Be good to yourself.

Laura ;)