Monday, September 20, 2004

die Massen und der Schrecken

My response to Jay and Nick remain in the hamper until I can untie my tongue and spit-up properly (without rush) my thoughts re: Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Zaum, et al and lang/thought...probably beginning late tomorrow night.

For now, the October issue of Harper's arrived. Jacqueline Rose's essay "Our Present Disillusionment" is not to be missed.

"A group is nothing if not the struggle to preserve the ideal image of itself." Bingo.

"The greatest sacrifice the people are being asked to make on behalf of the state is to give up their right not to believe in it." The horror--Freud uses der Schrecken, Rose reminds us, to describe both war and people's loss of faith.

Narcissism--Rose uses Tony Blair's recent statements; however, Bush & Co. are just as guilty of the violent preservation of self-regard, "I believe in myself."

And the people, of course, cannot accept that they elected "bad" leaders, so they re-elect and stand behind the ones they trust the least in order to "preserve the ideal image of itself." There is no future for this illusion.

Also, William Gass on Rabelais...pretty swell stuff, too.

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