Sunday, September 19, 2004

hausuafgaben and sleep

I celebrated this weekend--peacefully. Was nice; slept well, in other words. And now I am in the thick of it again.

Jay Thomas troubles Wittgenstein's language and thought distinction. I will get to this tomorrow. And on Nietzsche, too. I think I left a comment unfinished on his blog, Bad with Titles.

---saw Last Life in the Universe. Best film I have seen out in a long time.

Alexei Kruchenykh. Suicide Circus
Leonid Tsypkin. Summer in Baden-Baden
Jorge Luis Borges. A Universal History of Iniquity
JK Huysmans. Parisian Sketches
Paul Celan. Glottal Stop
Bin Ramke. The Erotic Light of Gardens
Doris Grumbach. The Magician's Girl
Blaise Cendras. Complete Poems
Don Delillo. the Body Artist
Heinrich Boll. A Soldier's Legacy
John Ashberry. Flow Chart
Henri Michaux. Darkness Moves (anthology)

A few of these I have always wanted but never bought; can't pass up the remainders, though. All these for under 100 smackers. Guess I'll go without wine for a couple of weeks.

Began the Kruckenykh. A zaum poet (will help me in my comments to Jay Thomas concerning language and thought). Used Daniil Kharms on my comps--he was opposed to zaum movement, at least claimed to be in the Oberiu Manifesto...

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