Sunday, October 10, 2004

some notes from a

  • working from my office today. just finished chatting with new writing colleague about students and plagiarism. has to be some way to work the dependence on others out of young writers. some are simply cheats. most are simply deferential--a warped sense of respect and never being encouraged to be creative. You know: to create with others. my students know the preposition for.
  • I am listening to The Fiery Furnaces, Blueberry Boat (Rough Trade, 2004). saw them at the Larimer Lounge last night. originally was going to see Electric Frankenstein. good thing that fell through. The Fiery Furnaces are truly wonderful. now I have something else to obsessively listen to other than E Satie. no vinyl, boohoo; had to buy a cd. take pearls before swine, psyche folk, the nice, ELP, Patti Smith, Capt Beefheart, Velvet Underground, early Genesis, Blonde Redhead, a little Spoon, Sparks, Queen, 70s NYC DIY rock attitude: blend on high. I am not kidding: it's all there and more. they certainly do something with the music. wonderful talent, too: in other words, they produced IT on stage and added to it. I am getting sick of bands who rely on post-production to create a sound they cannot hope to produce live. thank you Fiery Furnaces.
  • coming: responses to laura carter and jay thomas. building our thought map.
  • my annual jaunt to NYC is only four weeks away. tick tock tick tock. nov11-14. andrea's b-day this trip. we're going to see Yoshimi P-We's band 00100 at the Knitting Factory on Friday night. I imagine we'll do a b-day dinner on saturday. (btw: we save up to spend on good food and wine...any suggestions? anything that's good cause its good not expensive cause it's hip, which is soo denver and manhattan right now.) Andrea's only been to the city once. her first time, I took her to do all the tourist things I did when I was a kid and my grandfather took us into the city from CT, like Empire State Building. we walked all over mid and lower Manhattan. Was right after 9.11, so very strange for me. this time we're going to the museums and spending time in the parts of town she liked most last time. if anybody wants to get together or if there's any reading to be done (I am reading a lot lately, bitten by the bug), get in touch with me: dagzine at mac dot com. Thursday and Saturday night are up in the air, as is Sunday before our late flight back to Denver. Or join us for lunch or dinner or a museum or the show at KF. We're staying blocks from Grand Central. Last time, I spent time with friends and made new friends--thanks Shanna! I missed folks, too, sad sad.
  • Reading Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Jonathan Edwards, and Fordham's series on Phenomenology and the "Theological Turn" (I am on Dominique Janicaud's contribution). Attempting an essay on the phenomenological troubling of faith and revelation using American Puritan Poetics--actually fits into discussion of late on Dagzine concerning thought and language, speaking and writing. Glaube=Faith; glaube=think. Also reading Henri Michaux, various stories & JK Huysmans' Parisian Sketches, and many student essays.
  • if you'd like to know. i really really want the john cassavetes box set from criterion and the albert ayler holy ghost box set on revenant.
  • shows i am going to see before NY: heroine sheiks, dirtbombs/dead moon, makers/brian jonestown massacre, holly golightly. now if that isn't a year's worth of shows in three weeks.
  • have been scheduled to read at Freedom of Expression Weekend 2004, on Old South Pearl St, Denver, on Sunday 10/17, 12noon, I think... I am reading a fictional essay, Free Speech Movement. it is both a critical exploration of free-speech movement and a story about its author. it is both an introduction and a conclusion: it is a beginning with a middle and an end. there are a lot of parentheses. needless to say.

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