Tuesday, October 26, 2004

on form

Ron Silliman and Mark Tursi in dialogue on Silliman's blog. Mark and I are colleagues at Univeristy of Denver; you know I want to jump in this conversation. --working on my own response right now...

and I am about caught up once again and getting back in touch with my Wittgenstein reading. I think I have lost touch with the old thread of Jay and Thomas's discussion. I am going back to my earlier concern with Nick Piombino's aphorism to begin again and possibly rethink a few points. Maybe Silliman's concern for form can find its way into it all. I get the feeling that form is the whole thing for him, so to read him is to read it all as to accept it for what it is--some form of impenetrability, a fortress--like a word and its ambiguities for a listener contra the word and its ambiguities for an author.


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