Saturday, October 09, 2004

Aesthetic Fascism

What is beautiful for George Bush:
1)The Homeland
2)Women as child-bearers
3)Men being tough
4)Silent Labor
5)Organic Intellectualism
6)The Guts
7)Running but not hiding
8)Ethical Binarism
9)YES or NO and nothing else
10)Pure Rhetoric

We surfed the networks after the debate. What was, in fact, an embarrassing debate for Bush--always responding to critiques as if he is always correct contrasted to Kerry's forcing issues and directing the questions; not knowing even ONE statistic or name to reference contrasted to Kerry's use of names and statistics to attempt reasonable claims; either wearing a practiced flat face or fidgeting nervously contrasted to Kerry's composed style; etc.--was instantly turned into a charming victory for the president.

Kerry and Bush stretched facts; at times both grossly exaggerated. Bush outright lied, though. Hidden in his rhetoric was justification for lying about Iraq. He promised to appoint judges who would uphold the consitution rather than an agenda; however, he campaigned that he will appoint Christian judges, conservative judges.

Kerry never once cut-off the moderator; Bush did so at will. Commentators on MSNBC actually called it Presidential. Pat Buchanan, go figure, praised Bush's manliness, calling it "presidential."

Bush was embarrassing. He was an idiot. He was too angry. He was pompous. He was misinformed. He was uncomfortable. He knew nothing. He couldn't answer a question about the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and the 4th Ammendment. It is obvious he doesn't know what the 4th Ammendment is because he answer addressed the wrong issue. And he certainly doesn't know the Act itself--there is What He Thinks It Means and What It Actually Says. Kerry addressed the 4th Ammendment. But Kerry is doesn't know anything and Bush is Presidential? So what is Presidential? Someone who can grab their cock and piss on others apparently. A man who can say "NO!" is Presidential; not one who can mediate.

He said he had the idea for the hydrogen car. I think he said, I suggested the hydrogen car. This is not funny anymore.

Did anybody hear Bush revise "the axis of evil" to "the nexus of the haters"? The words were spread out through an answer, but "the haters" is a supremely vague concept that easily can fit folks who support Planned Parenthood, for example, as well as "the terrorists." This idiot believes that YOU can simply answer YES or NO to moral questions WITHOUT reflection. Abraham, according to Kierkegaard, listened to a voice that told him to sacrifice his son. Blind Faith. But that voice Bush listens to is not a sign of his faith, it is a sign of Ralph Redd, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, his father, et. al.

I hope folks don't buy the masculinist ball-grabbing postures the president used last night. If they were impressed by his posturing and toughness, his anger and swagger, he will win in November.

On the positive side, I was surprised to hear Kerry actually attempt to make points based on reasoned evidence. He elided how he would cut the deficit; but the deficit is a red herring anyway. The issue is who Kerry will represent: the silent majority or the very vocal minority. Kerry will get closer to listening to the silent majority than Bush. This is the case. For now he will have to do.

I have revised this...what I posted this morning was a bit incoherent.


Anonymous said...

What bugs me most is the way a lot of the newspapers and editorials have been presenting this debate as a battle between cool style and passionate substance. Since when does rudeness, unfounded anger, and petty pandering to the audience (did you catch those winks?) count as substance in a debate?

As for his appointing of judges that will uphold the constitution: one moment he tells us that what is important is to interpret the law without the influence of personal opinion, but when Kerry exhibits that very quality in his defense of abortion rights, all of the sudden personal opinion matters again. I ask: who is more the more "wishy-washy" candidate here?

And what was up with Bush refereing to Kerry as "Senator Kennedy"? Accident or no?

Anonymous said...

That's me, Kevin, responding up there, by the way.