Monday, October 04, 2004

Constellations, part two: outlining points 4 & 5

I need to open up my discussion.
Settle down,

Point 4

I think. How do we see thinking?

I will address Heidegger's exploration of Thinking and Speaking and Poetry. Maybe even Faith. Writing is believing and doubting: it becomes as readers make decisions after the style of writers. The German "Glaube" is belief or faith, but if I use it in the everyday sense as a verb, "Ich glaube," it is "I think."

Our active condition of being as thinking beings is "We faith things":

Spirit hovers over the ashes of culture.
Q: How does it go from cities to rubble to ashes?
--I use cities because it sounds ludicrous to apply this to Nature.
A: Possibly, as a result of the Ordered paces of bodies at work;


Manifest Destiny;

Bodies that trample;
Bodies construct to destroy;
Planned Obsolescence;
Consistent .03% growth rate within limited space.

A: Like the neutron bomb--
We don't destroy that which we construct,
We don't destroy being-at-work, in the sense of bodies-at-labor--
minimum wage or otherwise--we destroy the body itself;
We destroy a body's ability to cultivate the landscape;
We now cultivate space.

Qualification: This morning, MSNBC, 14 year old boy,
the one who has already invested $1000 on making a trip
into Space says about space exploration:
"How could anyone not be interested in exploring something that is infinite?"

This much is certain: no one heard the boy slip from Space to space.
And with this grand allowance, he has lost his body.

I almost dropped my spoon.

His interest is not Spirit or Thought;
His father and mother--though she was not there--sold the boy as Capital.
He was exchanged. And
While he is thinking about nothing, they will hurl his body into space.
It will be one giant chucking. And if he is lucky, he will survive.

All to lose the weight of his body in space. B/C he isn't going nowhere,
which is where he is thinking about.

Point 4A

A boy is a body with a silent d.
This d is often masculinized:
danger, destruction, dismemberment, denature.
This gender-ing is a function of culture.
Wittgenstein tells us what we pass over in silence;
If we allow him his claim, then the silent d is
the slip from Space to space: a hollowing out of a nothing
we use to hold being out into. And we--Society, we are all
guilty--toss boys into space and sit girls in corners.

Take me to mars was a flaming lips song, a reference to a trip,
you know the kind, and now it is A Political Platform that turns
the desire to get outta this place into a conservative pipe dream.

Everything and Everyone is reconstituted on the playground:
Bo(d)ies--say it--in motion. All the rest is excess:

recess and exploration.

Point 5

I will address Thoreau's "Brute Neighbors" from Walden.

The warring ants;
The Loon and the Hunter.

Sound; Calling; Shooting; Giving our Selves away...calling; a calling.

Is there private experience or is it only private after it is shared--pointed to or witnessed--or simply shot down?

I will be able to address some of Jay's and Thomas's concerns--specifically, the world as picture. And I may feel obliged to bring into the discussion Nietzsche (you knew I would) and Heidegger's essay on the world as picture. I like what Stanley Cavell might bring from The World Viewed.

I don't know. Gotta teach. Will add.

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