Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sad Tuesday Night: Sports Confessions

Just when Detroit was helping me get over Calgary losing the Cup to Tampa Bay, the Pistons throw it all away in game 2.
All that was needed was a simple arm slap of a foul and I can't stand the Lakers. Ugh. With three games in Detroit, I figure it will be 3-2 in Detroit's favor going back to LA for game six.

Red Sox come to play the Rockies next week. I will be in the right-field box--best seats for $14--hopefully, for all three games. Alas, I am but a poor doctoral candidate studying for his comps...

I am already in hockey withdrawal. And still cannot believe that the Cup will spend a year in Florida--in Tampa! awful...not the team...Tampa itself. I did see quite a few punk shows there in my youth--kids swinging steel-toes first from greased poles into the foreheads of gnarlied-virgin 7seconds fans. Orlando, Tampa/St Pete, Gainsville: 88-90. What chunky memories.

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