Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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Well, since they at fait accompli have mentioned the summer slump, and what are we here for, all of us together, but to keep each other going, even though that going may not be motive except through reading, which may be the only motivation possible through thick humidity or heavy, summer smog or simply dry heat, at any rate the slow haze of longer days slips by, since fait accompli mentions this aid we provide, then why not spread the daze motivation.

Thanks Josh Corey--Pound may not need to be read, as we have read folks arguing about, but what Pound did needs to be considered, and more than a simple scholarly lustrum--at Cahiers de Corey.

Thanks Ernesto Priego--Never Neutral for the music, theory and thoughts.

Thanks Aaron McCollough--PowerPearls is the title of the powerpop collection I was telling you about in Brooklyn; it's only available on vinyl. Detroit will win, too. Aaron is at Flower's that Glide.

John Latta, too, at Hotel Point has had my ear. All that on O'Hara, one of my earliest poet crushes. Good reading.

I read all the blogs on my roll (as I have mentioned before,) I am not going to put the list up of my faves, enough to say that those I add to my blogroll are important to my daily reading.

Which, by the way, is daily hindered by scholarship. I cannot wait until September--comps will be finished. I am so behind in reading and cannot remember when I spent more than a few hours a week working on my own writing. Not that I feel that I should read all the current prose and verse, but I would like to get my head out of the dank library shelves for time enough to listen to what my contemporaries are on about.

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