Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Blog of Disquiet

Due to a few mishaps, my students and I have been unable to post at our community blog, The Blog of Disquiet. That Blog will be back soon with new students participating. I am teaching a course on "the everyday" this fall quarter. I've tentatively called it "Falling into Culture: Writing about Waking to Everyday Life"
Here's the reading list:
  • Charles Baudelaire. Paris Spleen
  • Franz Kafka. The Trial
  • Georges Bataille. The Blue of Noon
  • Albert Camus. The Fall
  • Ben Highmore. Everyday Life and Cultural Theory

I am looking forward to it.

THANKS to those of you who posted links to our page on your blogs; please look for more list activity in September. Until then, other than a template change, Blog of Disquiet may be very quiet.

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chris said...

great reading list.

chris murray