Thursday, June 17, 2004

coupla few things

I am going to continue my discussion with Josh real soon. Andrea's parents are in town for father's day; so I'll be occupied. Lots and lots of good wine and food.

I do have a question for those in the computer know: I have noticed that my links section on my sidebar to the right appears appropriately, correctly, on Netscape and Safari. However, if I bring up Dagzine with Internet Explorer, the first letters are sliced off. I cannot figure out the simple code adjustment I need to make to fix this. Do any of you know what I should do? I am completely self-taught, so I hit snags like this every once in a while.

------Last night, we celebrated Bloomsday with dinner in a snug.

On the news this morning, conservative think-tank decries Michael Moore's new film, Farenheit 9/11, because it is not a real documentary but a thinly veiled political statement intended to sway voter opinion. Imagine, folks, a documentary in which a filmmaker makes a political statement!

Check out MooreWatch. Maybe Moore has reason to fear for his life. These folks are nuts. We all know that pundits tend to stretch "the truth". But that's what debate and interpretation, the bedrock of inquiry, are all about. As if our president and his cabinet do not twist fact each day to motivate millions of Americans to peacefully accept the United States behavior in the world.

Many right wing think tanks are funding anti-Michael Moore campaigns. Whatever I think of his act, I admire his continuing efforts. Speaking publicly: this is what you get. Targeted; Attacked; Threatened. Very democratic behavior from the Right.

This MoveOn site wants us to pledge to see the film. I like the idea and kind of cringe at the thought of it as well.

The next election is conretizing public debate and bringing diverse communities together. As it should be thinks me.

----Yo la Tengo's Painful excellent record.

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