Saturday, June 26, 2004

Farenheit 9/11

Good film. I saw nothing wrong with it at all: the talk about exaggerations and lies and even over editorializing: the same thing he has been doing since Roger & Me. If anything, he was reserved; less in it himself than usual. Go see it; and as stated at the end of the credits: "do something."


Anonymous said...

I just saw it last night. I agree--I went into it expecting to indulge some of the typical Moore-bravado, but I saw little to complain about. In this case, the story itself is so over-the-top that it needs little coaxing. But I think the problem is, to some extent, that it's nearly impossible to generate that sort of critique and not become a little hypocritical. You so far as capitalizing off of others' suffering goes, that's what happens when Moore makes money off this movie, as well.

But, in any case. There was nothing new in this movie, nothing folks haven't been complaining about for a long time now. But it's the impact of having it all there, visually, baldly. I bawled like the ridiculously impressionable girl that I am. Three times.


Gary Norris said...

sure sure

msnbc had a story about it on friday, they ran it during the day, the critic complained that moore's facts were wrong--the saudis flying people out of the country, for example--the critic claimed if moore wouldn't exaggerate it might be better received. Nothing in the film is a lie. Op-ed--sure--it's edited after all:

Godard and Meiville's _Comment ca Va?_ is a good film to critically consider such reporting.