Sunday, January 30, 2005

A crush list

Blog Crush lists are wonderful because we can share our crush's, and I have had a few since opening Dagzine last year. I always feel guilty about leaving folks off a list. I read the blogs and journals on my sidebar with each update; they are my faves. I add one or two a month. I hope you've checked them out. Enough apology:

I want to give credit to several authors who urge me to reflect and write about the writerly craft, our community, and our place within it; the craft and the market; language and thought. The discourse about craft--call it a rhetoric for poetics, if you like--endures many lines of flight and each flight changes the whole conversation. Many agreements and disagreements but always a moving forward together. Thank you.

fait accompli (Nick Piombino)
the unquiet grave (Tony Tost)
cahiers de corey (Josh Corey)
bemsha swing (Jonathan Mayhew)
bad with titles (Jay Thomas)
the pangrammaticon (Thomas Basboll)
ecritures bleu (Laura Carter)
hotel point (John Latta)
HG poetics (Henry Gould)
silliman's blog (Ron Silliman)
limetree (K Silem Mohammad)
the delay (Chris Vitiello)


Jay said...


It's quite an honor to be included on your crushlist in the first place, but doubly an honor given the paucity of substantial content on my blog of late. Many, many thanks!


Laura Carter said...

How sweet! Thank you.... ;)

Nick Piombino said...


First, belated happy first blog birthday for DagZine.

I'm delighted to have *fait accompli* included on the DagZine
blog crush list. When I posted my first blog crush list on
*fait accompli*, as a kind of light parody of
Jim Behrle's personal crush lists,
I had some trepidation about how it
would be received; but my feeling was, and is, that
blog crush lists are in keeping with the blog metier- to share
links as enthusiastically
and as widely as possible.

*fait accompli's* second birthday is coming up on Feb 11th.

very best wishes,