Monday, January 17, 2005

The Blog of Disquiet

I updated the links to syllabi for my writing classes at University of Colorado at Denver and my ethics classes at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I enjoy and respect any dialogue in respect to the content.

I have opened The Blog of Disquiet, once again, for my writing students. I activate the comments function and invite you to peek-in on our class discussions. The blog is a place for the writers--40, at the moment--to discuss class, readings, writing--the craft and critique. Though many students reject public writing wholeheartedly, many will embrace the blog project. I learned last year that those students who enjoy posting also enjoy reading comments from folks outside our classroom community. It empowers them and is often a first-experience with public discourse. No matter what you think and wish to say, do remember that the authors are undergraduates who may not have taken the leap, may not know what that leap means, or are finding the faith to make a first attempt. I think the Care (and, consequently, the honesty) we often reject for ourselves and our colleagues is called for on their blog.

A link is available in the sidebar and [here]. Those of you who had (or still have) a link to Blog of Disquiet from last year, I did change the URL.

Listening to: McClusky, "WhiteliberalonWhiteliberal action"; and now Denise James...


Laura Carter said...

I can't wait!

totalvo said...

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We must decide to strip him naked to scrape off this tiny animal

Whose itch is fatal,


and with god

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Contradict me if you want to,