Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I have been listening to:

Clouddead Ten (Mush)
Kris Kristofferson Kristofferson (Monument)
Kenny G's "Anal Magic" shows WFMU
Erroll Garner Plays Misty (Mercury)
Modern Jazz Quartet Blues on Bach
Johnny Lytle The Village Caller (Riverside)
Main Hz (Beggar's Banquet)
Thrones Thrones (Kill Rock Stars)
Unicorn Unicorn (EMI) (This record was produced by David Gilmour, 1974, I think. If you like Uncle Tupelo or Son Volt and early Wilco, find this and their second lp--Unicorn 2.)
Yo la Tengo Painful
Galaxie 500...everything thanks to the box set...

Don Lonie records. This guy's chatty lps can be found in spoken word sections of well-stocked vinyl shops nationwide. His most famous is Don Lonie talks to teenagers--and boy does he talk. He has the nasal voice of fifties dad knowledge and jokes to high schoolers in auditoriums about teen angst, drinking, sex, etc. I use this in every set I play.

For Mature Adults Only. An lp that sets awful poetic tales to gospel chorus music--each track begins with a tale; for example, "Juan" about how nobody cares about "a boy with crippled legs" and ends with a rousing (not really) gospel piece.

Swingle Singers records. Very cheesey. Irresistible.

Groupies. A vital album for those who exploit the tongue-in-chic girlie humor from that oh-so-slutty-but-intelligent-cause-I'm-street-smarter-than-all-those-guys-and-a-feminist-too attitude. Groupies tell their sordid tales and philosophize about British cock, STDs, drugs, and the groupie biz. Supposedly says something about "that" culture. Laughable, naive and truly sexist on its own because someone took this interview seriously as a critique but to be sold as an oddity and the women interviewed were either too high or self-involved to give a damn. Wonderful in any mix with Riot Grrrl rock--i.e. mix this in with Le Tigre's "John Cassavetes"--a constant, rhythmic repetition of "I use drugs." I call it "the mirror in the groove."

Something Special from Jeff. My mom found this at a thrift store. A rarity worth having for the polyester-suit Sear's studio photo on the front jacket. A grotesquely crippled man with a hook for a hand sings songs for the lord in true country-crooner style. Straight out of the Marty Robbins or George Jones style-book. The only song worth playing more than once: "He is more than just a swear word": He is more than just a swear word/ A more than I don't care word.

Ok, back to comps reading.

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