Friday, July 16, 2004

The Legend of Ezra Pound, American Poet

While watching Will Ferrell play Ron Burgundy this afternoon, matinee-time, I giggled at the idea of Ferrell hamming it up as Ezra Pound in a movie largely set in that hot and airy cell...and then realized what a genius move that would be. You could even take the title from The Pisan Cantos. Possibly one of Olson's poems to/for/against Pound.

It is comedy after all.

What do you think, Josh? You and me next spring write the screen play. Having tackled the Pisan Cantos and Bios for our docs, we should be able to throw it down in short order.

We could pitch it to David O. Russell (Spanking the Monkey and Three Kings,) who executive produced Anchorman. He has the eyes and ears for such things, in my opinion.

I am going for it.


Josh said...

The life of Pound would make a terrific middlebrow PBs-style movie, actually--or maybe a mini-series. He's such a complex character that I think many actors would be champing at the bit to play him. Will Ferrell as the older Pound might be good, but it seems then the obvious choice for young Pound would be Adam Sandler. But we'd have to see how he looks in a pointy beard first.

michael said...

you might be able to sell it if you can flash forward to the menage a trois he ended up with in Italy.