Monday, May 10, 2004

Writing has had to take backseat to grading essays and finals;
to seminar work:

I have been able to watch

Bon Voyage (2003. Dir. Rappeneau) well written; wonderful mise en scene; crisp satire

Robert Altman films:
McCabe & Mrs.Miller

eagerly waiting for the release of Three Women.

Screening Werner Herzog's Stroszek Thursday evening for my students. One of my favorite films. Grotesquely lyrical. Carl Perkins sappy-version of By the Time I get to Pheonix used as a haunting refrain throughout. We watched Bruno S as Kaspar Hauser in Enigma of Kaspar Hauser a couple of weeks ago. Need to write about the two Brunos Herzog gives us--much to reflect re: history of German culture post WWII; a father-less fatherland; a roaming, abused child.

Mint copy of Eyes of the Beacon Street Union: great album.
Paul Mitchell Trio, Live at the Playboy Club: great set, on Verve. Never heard of Mitchell, and appears to be his only album.
Couple of rare Erroll Garner lps for 2$ each. Unbelievable finds, really. The Jazz selection at Wax Trax in Denver never fails to offer the best. Owner must drop in goodies on purpose each week to spice up his selection. Good tactic to keep us vinyl junkies returning. But he could get 40-50$ on ebay for some of the records he sells for 2$ in store. True independent spirit. Very fair. I shop nowhere else.
Andrea picked up two more Toshiko Akiyoshi albums on ebay for cheap.

currently listening to: Tim Buckley Happy Sad. Very groovy, lots of vibraphone, mellow.

Faves of the moment: Lali Puna, Denise James, Clue to Kalo, Clouddead, Camera Obscura, American Song-Poem Book on BarNone, Galaxie 500 (I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit and my dog wouldn't look at it.)

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