Sunday, May 02, 2004

Had to run around New England:

Burlington, Vermont, to New York, New York

The Narrative Conference was a bit of a wash for me. My colleague and I presented engaging work, I think. But were charged with being too traditional. The critique coming from a narratologist-type made my head spin a bit: a structuralist calling a post-structuralist traditional.

Also, the habit of scheduling celebrity and showcase panels in each time slot, each day at conferences is annoying. Such planning guaranties poor attendance at most panels. Certainly does nothing for building a dialogue across the academic community. Nothing new here: I sincerely believe the academic community treats the concepts of access and community as illnesses.

New York, on the other hand, was wonderful.
The Hayden Hotel is a true hole in the wall.
PoTelCom was a success.
Shanna and Shawn were gracious enough to invite me into their home; shared food, drink & poetry.
Thank you!
Spent much of the night chatting with Aaron McCollough and Maureen Thorson--poetry, law, music, muffins.
Spent time with my old Denver pal Kevin Elliott and his friends Matthew and Liz.
Liz gave me a Brooklyn Tour and we walked Coney Island Boardwalk in the rain.
Great Photos. Long Subway rides.
Saw Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, Anna Copacabana, Touching You, et al @ The Knitting Factory
Chatted up by too young to be pouring sherry barista at Cafe Vivaldi
Drank Guinness at Tribeca Tavern

Every bar in lower Manhattan has a dj.
Are there any 20 something urban hipsters who aren't djs anymore or does the equipment come with the ben shermans?

New York rain is wonderful
Taxis are fast, still
No one you don't know looks you in the eye

Found a great Toshiko Akiyoshi lp at Bleeker Street.

---Am on a scheduled blogging break through tomorrow...after an april of conferences and jaunts, I have to spend time locally consumed. Finishing a review; finishing Being and Time and Capital.---back to the daily posting on Tuesday.

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