Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I am stuck.

I have to write about my Heideggerian adventures; I cannot decide how to proceed.

Maybe you, my friends, can help me choose between three topics:

1. Heidegger and Thoreau. Specifically, work with H's ideas in "Phenomenology and Theology," "What is Metaphysics?" & "On the Essence of Ground" and Thoreau's Walden.

2. Heidegger and Pessoa. H's ideas about anxiety from Being and Time and "What is Metaphysics?" and Pessoa's writings, "Forest of Estrangement" esp.

3. Heidegger and Herzog. Herzog claims his films owe nothing to German Romanticism--who's he kidding! Heidegger, falling and thrownness & fear and anxiety in Being and Time and other essays mentioned above; his ideas to address Herzog's use of Bruno S in Every Man for Himself/Kaspar Hauser & Stroszek.

Any comments, ideas...?

I really cannot wait for the end of the academic year. June 4th. I miss typing my thoughts and whims out here.

I feel both asleep and awake; neither tired nor refreshed; ready.

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