Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Umbrists are coming.

I quote an Umbrist: "The Umbrists have no precursors; The Umbrists have only descendants."

I quote a pre-umbrist: "They fuck non-stop, those umbrists."

Here is an example of what came right after pre-umbrist writing but still before Umbrist writing. Umbrism is waxing even now. Though Umbrism is not programmatic, Umbrism is like some things and not like others.

"School of Peeps?"

yellow oblong marrow,
can a marshmallow
stand for a bird?

Our poems got bridges.

Like something and not
Like something but something

Are we able to eat it up
in one solid bit
or just tear at its eyes?

Its one popping orb accuses us,
our disgust,
an allusion?--or just
a reflection, erection.

We come in
cellophaned packages of six,
each with our own name.

It is hot in the hot-tub,
so hot hot
hot in the hot-tub.

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