Sunday, February 15, 2004

Plato's anxiety: neither thought w/o language, language w/o thought.

If poetry does something else to language than is ordinary,
then is its verse a turning thought up out of language?

for what purpose?
a turning into
Archimedes' screw out out up over upon the ground
All automatic funtions
a key on an old semi-automatic
typewriter : <"Automatic Stop">
or go--

some broken links
to turn out : < a href="Pope
to pour out : < a href="Donne
to revolve : < a href="Keats
to turn over : < a href="Stein
to instruct : < a href="Rilke
to make experienced : < a href="Sappho
to make conversant : < a href="Williams
to practice fraud : < a href="Academy
to impose upon : < a href="Pound

to overthrow
to upset

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