Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quiet in here

Dagzine will be relatively quiet while I am at conferences...4/2-4/10. If I have time I'll post. Most of my Internet time I am going to donate to my students.

Are you at or going to CEA or SSNL conferences in Indianapolis and Louisville? Let me know. We'll chat.

I'm presenting a paper on Mary Robinson and garreting as poetic practice ("Thou Canst Command Thy Subjects") this afternoon at the CEA Conference and next week a paper on Spike Lee's Bamboozled ("The Radical Satirical Black Body: Blacking-up White Narrative in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled") at the Narrative Conference in Louisville.

I'll be in Cincinnati Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (4/4-6).

As I said, email me if you're around and want to chat.

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dooflow said...

gary 's back & you're gonna be in trouble

hey la! hey la! Noriss 's back!