Sunday, November 28, 2004

Blog Crush List

Does everybody apologize for doing this the first time? (I feel bad about this only 'cause I read my sidebar at every chance)

Blog crush No 1:

Wood S Lot
Hounds of No (gone for awhile and back, like me)
Bad with Titles
Blue Revisions
Brand New Insects (had fun at frequency, and I have a great photo of the readers I'll post)
Cahiers de Corey (what about the aubergine thing?)
fait accompli
Never Neutral
The Ingredient
The Pangrammaticon
Unquiet Grave


Laura Carter said...

Now that you're back, I'm adding a special llth crushlist slot just for DagZine. :)

Thanks for reading.

Jon Langdon said...

Doing a little blog surfing and came across your blog... it's a blogtastic world out there.

--Jon Langdon

Jay said...

Thank you so much, Gary! I'm very honored to be included among such great company. Rest assured, Dagzine will find its way to my crushlist, should I ever manage to organize my thoughts well enough to produce one! :)

shanna said...

hey, thanks! xo, shanna