Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Ben Franklin Air Bath

Used to take an air bath in the morning
windows and curtains open in support of his belief
what did he campaign?
though the Big Ben's guts are blown completely to hell
themselves, screaming through the scorched air,
caroming off 2 bedrooms, 1 or 2 full baths Living room
Central air conditioning
Washer/dryer in all units
Wall-to-Wall The Ben Franklin House
originally a grand hotel… Wear it at your own risk…
Ben Thornton, Benjamin Franklin took
a daily naked "air bath," while presidents John Quincy Adams,
Theodore Roosevelt… Remember the "air bath" he advocated?
Had to lead to other things, no?
SMRivera '91.
“Old lightning rod,” they called him.
new evidence about the party-down mentality of Ben Franklin.
as to these windows,
they say Franklin used to… floor windows,
taking what he called an air bath.

Mexican Indians used sauna treatments…
forcing them to drink hot water intended for bathing.
to appear at the very location of Ben Franklin’s ascent.
Do they surface to get air in the eye
Because he thought it would benefit his health
sitting naked in front of an open window
       inhaling deeply.
The next Ben Franklin could be squatting in
the sea below than to hang in the air and feed

…He is denied writing paper, clean clothes, bathing, and toilet…

So let the farmers have their goat,
the settlers their Bacctine and
Ben Franklin his wind gust exfoliating.
Guess its time for another air bath.

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