Saturday, January 31, 2004

Reading List

reading and looking for other works on the same:
Leon Edel, editor. The Diary of Alice James
Jean Strause. Alice James: A Biography
Anne Carson. Men in the off Hours
Maurice Blanchot. Writing of the Disaster
Augustine. Confessions and City of God
James Stuart Ratcliffe. Rites of Passage: My Schizophrenic Youth in Mosaic
William Carlos Williams. Paterson
Robert Creely and Charles Olson. Charles Olson and Robert Creely: The Complete Correspondence
Virginia Woolf. Women and Writing (collection of her essays on the subject) and "On Illness"

looking for different books on politics of geography and landscape of United States

Henri Lefebvre's Critique of Everyday Life, vols 1-3

Robert Walser. Collected Stories (Sontag intro)

With my students:
Richard Delgado, ed. Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge
Dana D. Nelson. National Manhood: Capitalist Citizenship and the Imagined Fraternity of White Men
Salinger. Catcher in the Rye
Melville. "Bartleby, the Scrivener" and Benito Cereno
David Goodis. The Moon in the Gutter
Jim Thompson. The Nothing Man
Richard Russo. Empire Falls
Aristotle. Nicomachean Ethics
Horatio Alger. Ragged Dick
Thoreau. Walden, or Life in the Woods
Emerson. "Self-Reliance" and "Experience"
John F. Kasson. Amusing the Million
Alan Trachtenberg. Incorporation of American: Culture and Society in the Gilded Age

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